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The P3 Data Systems team is a strong group of leaders, accountants, analysts and software developers.


P3 collaborates with clients through its innovative solution, XML Edge, the first true single-source platform, to structure content with precision, improve reporting efficiency, enhance communication channels, and empower “File with Style” compliance.

Specialties: Financial Reporting, XBRL, Structured Data, Business Process Automation and Optimization, Data Analytics, Distributed Ledger Technology (Blockchain)



Business Process Services

A shared service center to provide back office functions so that your organization can focus on your goals and strengths. We offer business process applications to automate and streamline without having to rip and replace your current systems.Read More »

Central Office Suites

Our Secure Platform enables you to assemble the office application software your organization requires, based on your unique needs, integrating data and managing users, roles and access with a single sign on:

  • Office Applications
  • Accounting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Business Mobility
  • CRM
  • Fundraising
  • Remote Access
  • Sales
  • Sports Scheduling
  • Tax Compliance
  • Custom Software

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Digital Business Reporting

Best-in-Class Software and Services for Business and Financial Reporting.